“Our large, international food and beverage client asked us to buy two magnetic separation units (to extract metal fragments from product streams) at the last minute. These are an essential part of the process they needed to meet quality requirements. Our client had been recommended Aurora through word of mouth and asked us to get in touch with them.

As consultant and coordinator on this project, I needed to make sure we stayed within budget and met the constrained time frame. The units were specific and unique and we weren’t just after one, we needed two. Even though it was an urgent order, Aurora took care of what needed to be done, got the process rolling and the people we dealt with were helpful and responsive.

Once we specified the parameters for what our client was trying to achieve, they came back with two options to choose from and some installation suggestions. I was able to take those recommendations to the client, who was happy to go ahead. We’re very pleased with their service within such a tight time frame. I’d definitely recommend Aurora.”