Constant improvement can mean little steps or giant leaps. At Denver Stockfeeds  it’s been a bit of both with the introduction of a new Industrial sewing machine system.

“(Aurora) staff are very knowledgeable of their products and know what they are talking about,” says Ian Currie, Director of Denver Stockfeeds. “They were able to train the staff to use the machinery. I stayed out of it and they worked directly with the men on the floor. They got all the support they needed.”

The Industrial Sewing system is the second major install Aurora has worked on with Denver Stockfeeds, the first being the even bigger stacking robot.

“We’ve had that now since September 2015 and we’re really pleased with the investment,” says Currie, explaining, “We previously stacked manually. We used to employ temporary staff but this year didn’t need to. It has definitely made us more efficient and improved our output.”

Currie says one of the main benefits of the stacking system is that staff are happy with it.

“There’s no sore backs and it’s easy to use,” Currie says.

When it came to ongoing support Aurora was right there when Denver Stockfeeds needed them, although there were few issues and only minor tweaks needed.

“Aurora is pretty good in helping out with minor issues. They look after us as a customer very well,” says Currie, adding. “We’ve got the engineer’s number if ever there’s a breakdown although that hasn’t happened. We are very happy with their service and support.”

Denver Stockfeeds to moving into a new stage in its growth and Aurora has been on-hand to help make their transition a smooth one.

“I would totally recommend them,” says director Ian Currie. “Their service is good, I can verify their honesty and integrity, and they wouldn’t take shortcuts to make more money.”