Peter Fulton is the plant manager at Hodder and Taylor ltd in Feilding. He’s worked closely with Aurora on the purchase and installation of an electronic bagging scale for the company’s automatic seed bagging system. The success of the first machine means the company is now looking forward to ordering and installing a similar machine for a second stage of their operation.

“It’s been great. We’re very pleased with it,” says Peter.

An Aurora representative has been visiting the site on a weekly basis to make sure everything is running as it should be. The installation has needed some tweaking to get it working at 100% efficiency but even that has been a breeze with Aurora on the team.

Peter and Hodder & Taylor have found Aurora excellent to work with and Aurora personnel have worked alongside the in-house team throughout the installation. Peter says Aurora has really delivered and been excellent to deal with in a number of integral ways.

“Everything’s been straightforward. Their knowledge and skill is very good.  They’re top notch to deal with and friendly and prompt,” he says, “I’d recommend working with them”.