Our team was recently engaged by Holbrook Seeds, a NSW company who supply a wide range of forage, pasture and broad acre seeds to domestic and export markets.  We were very pleased to be able to unlock a substantial amount of process potential for the Holbrook team, here’s what they had to say…

“We’ve doubled productivity and cut costs significantly since purchasing an Aurora automated bag filling and closing line and a palletizer for our business. The ability to bag quickly and efficiently has hugely sped up our production.

We’re seasonal and clean our seeds six months of the year. It’s been difficult to hire three operators to work for that short amount of time, train them up and then at the end of it, have to let them go. Now we’re down to one operator the whole year around, which cuts costs significantly. And our operator loves it! No more lifting bags.

I’d recommend Aurora’s end of line process solutions over others in the industry because of the productivity gain alone. I’d also say get them because they’re simple to use, especially compared to other models I’ve looked at.

Plus, the people at Aurora are good to work with. They kept me posted on project management and delivery times too, couldn’t fault it.”

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