Quick and efficient installation coupled with finding just the right solution for the project is the key to success for a partnership between HR Fiskin and Aurora. Managing Director John Fiskin says Aurora’s skills, experience and promptness make them a first-rate provider.

“We have worked with them before, they are trustworthy and they do what they say they will,” says John. “They are a good company, reliable and persistent”

The system itself came after much research into finding the right tool for the job.

Once a decision on the right solution was made, the roll out was swift.“The system was installed and is working pretty well. There have been no real problems and the installation was quick. The machine went in on a Friday and was working within days,” John says.

The palletizer is now up and running and the benefits are above expectation.“The benefit is the machinery is newer, the parts are easier to use and replace, it stacks better and it’s easier to operate.” says John. “The palletizer is more efficient than previously; we’re now operating two more tonne an hour than before.”