Improved productivity coupled with greater accuracy is a win-win for PGG Wrightson thanks to Aurora’s supply and installation of a Galaxy Belt Packer, which weighs grain and seed into bags.

Kevin Flaxman, from PGG Wrightson, explains: “We had a very old system and the main concern was the accuracy and being compliant legally so we looked for a new system. Aurora came up with a solution for us. It is super accurate and more efficient. Productivity has lifted approximately 25%.”

Kevin also found working with Aurora a very positive experience.

“We find them really efficient and pro-active. They’ve come up with some good solutions for us,” he says.

The main wins for PGG Wrightson have been an increase in productivity and improved accuracy, but also reliability of the new equipment is far superior to the old system.

“They’ve exceeded our expectations with the increase of productivity.” explains Kevin, adding, “The gear they offer us is top quality.”

As well as having in place equipment they can rely on for many years to come PGG Wrightson has a relationship with Aurora that is reliable and longstanding.

“We are looking at another project in the future and Aurora will be at the top of the list of suppliers to look at,” says Kevin.