Aurora was pleased to partner with SGT Dan Stockfeeds to boost their end of line process speed & efficiency. With a job well done, here’s what they said…

“We’ve had the Aurora automatised palletizer about a month now and it’s going fantastically! A couple of other small independent mills we associate with recommended the equipment and spoke highly of it. Their recommendation gave us the confidence to go ahead and purchase.

The palletizer has boosted our productivity. We’re a seasonal company and sometimes go through phases where we have to ramp up production. This machine enables us to cut down on labour now, meaning we don’t have to employ extra labour for bagging until we need it in spring.

From a health and safety point of view, the palletizer is great. It puts a bag on the machine, weighs it, drops it out and stacks it. It cuts out all the lifting and makes it easier for our employees.

The product definitely looks good at point of sale. We’ve always prided ourselves on stacking product really neatly on pallets, wrapping it well so that it’s safe for shipping on the trucks. We’re conscious of the fact our product needs to look good in the marketplace. At first we were a bit nervous about whether a machine could match that quality set up, but we’ve found it to be as good, if not better than what we did before.

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