Aurora worked with Synlait Milk to source and install Force 10 Magnetic Separators in their milk powder plant.“We have several of these machines. They help us quite a bit,” says project manager Andy Ling. He explains their role: “They remove the metal contamination from milk powder and are more effective than the previous machines.”

Andy found Aurora easy to work with, which made his project easier to execute.”In my opinion they are one of the best service providers,” he says. “They are very knowledgeable. They know their products and are very professional.”

The machine itself is a triumph of technology and design, and a testament to the strong working relationship between Synlait and Aurora.“The machine’s magnet is much stronger [than previous machines] so the function is very good from a physics viewpoint,” says Andy, adding, “It is very good looking with a very elegant design.”

Compared to earlier solutions in place at the milk plant the Aurora magnetic separator is a step above.

“Aurora has raised the bar. The previous magnet was labour intensive to clean as it was heavy and cumbersome. We no longer have these problems,” says Andy, who is also pleased with the response from his team. “The operators and plant manager are very happy with the user-friendly design. We don’t have to worry about the previous issues.”

Andy says he was keen to get the system in place as soon as possible, and Aurora delivered.“They were very prompt. I was pushy but they did deliver on time. I was given a time frame from the beginning which was good and they were always a step ahead informing us of the project,” says Andy.