High strength rare-earth magnetic bars and probes are extremely versatile separators suitable for many applications throughout your process.

FORCE10 Bar & probe magnetic separators are used to purify your product, removing contaminants such as tramp iron and bolts etc. through to weakly magnetic work-hardened stainless steel fines, rust particles and stone. Bar Magnetic Separators are available with handles and connection fittings for simple insertion into pipes/chutes/ducts/equipment, housing etc., for easy removal to inspect and clean. These units can be installed in strategic locations for indication purposes, providing early warning of plant/equipment breakdown and traceability of contamination from ingredient suppliers.


  • Range of handle and connection fittings available
  • Custom-sized for maximum product and equipment protection
  • Protection of critical and sensitive equipment
  • Available with blank, tapped or studded ends for ease of installation


  • Across screw conveyors, elevators, floveyors, blenders, hoppers, trough belt conveyors and conveyor discharge points
  • In chutes feeding packers
  • Prior to critical equipment i.e. milling and rendering equipment
  • After equipment to monitor maintenance requirements
  • Lab testing and sampling