The FORCE10 Chute Magnet is a specialised unit suited to products that are highly abrasive or contain irregular particle sizes.

Ideally suited to grain and flour mills in locations such as intake and pre-milling chutes. The chute magnet efficiently extracts metal particles without interrupting or restricting product flow. FORCE10 engineering allows very simple and safe metal removal along with wear protection technology to increase the unit’s lifespan in high wear applications.


  • Protects key equipment from damage
  • Reduces spark risk
  • Very quick clean
  • Special wear resistant features
  • Ultra-Safe design reduces operator handling
  • Removal of ferrous metal contaminants in addition to work hardened stainless steel and magnetic stone
  • Ultra-high 11,000+ Gauss magnetic strength
  • High-quality rare-earth Long Life magnetic components to ensure lasting high performance
  • Large variety of transitions and connections available to enable seamless integration into your process
  • Highly flexible design to accommodate your specific line size, flow rate and product characteristics


  • Chute magnet units can be installeed
  • Vertical or angled
  • Bulk Intakes
  • In chutes feeding packers
  • Prior to critical equipment i.e. milling and rendering equipment