Aurora’s circular and square grate magnetic separators are a simple and highly customisable solution for extracting metallic contaminants from your product during processing and packing.

The most common use for these units is in very low volume applications or locations where space restrictions or unique product and process characteristics necessitate a custom design. As the product flows through the magnetic unit, high strength rare-earth magnetics safely attract and retain magnetic contamination including tramp iron and weakly magnetic contamination such as work-hardened stainless steel and rust particles.


  • Grates available in a drawer style arrangement complete with housing for ease of cleaning in single or multi-drawer configurations
  • Bars can be sleeved for abrasive products/ease of cleaning
  • Bar spaces variable to suit material characteristics
  • Reduced risk of product recalls and damage to brand integrity
  • Protection of critical and sensitive equipment
  • Separates micro-contamination and longitudinally aligned items that metal detectors can miss
  • Ultra-high 11,000+ Gauss magnetic strength
  • High-quality rare-earth Long Life magnetic components to ensure lasting high performance
  • Large variety of transitions and connections available to enable seamless integration into your process
  • Highly flexible design to accommodate your specific line size, flow rate and product characteristics


  • Across augers, elevators, floveyors, blenders, dump hoppers and chutes discharge points
  • Upstream of all packing operations and bulk filling
  • On top of buckets, containers, tanks, silos
  • Prior to metal detectors to reduce rejection rate, downtime and loss of profit