Aurora Process Solutions have partnered with CASSEL to bring our customers advanced inspection systems and services for the industrial process market.

Metal detection and magnetic separation complement each other in protecting your product from foreign metallic contamination. Metal detectors target a specific contaminant bracket and rely on magnetic separation to separate the micro-contaminants and other larger contaminants that may pass through the detector due to orientation. This highlights the critical importance of metal detection and magnetic separation working together to provide the ultimate product protection.
The Metal Shark®-2 controller sets a new industry benchmark for performance, user-friendliness and ease of documentation.
Cutting edge performance results from our exclusive four-quadrant technology, which significantly increases sensitivity. Metal Shark equipment readily adjusts settings to detect metals in even the most difficult products such as cheese and high-salt content foods.


  • DIGITAL BALANCE CONTROL: Adjusts for temperature and humidity fluctuations by monitoring coil balance more than 200 times per second.
  • DIGITAL FREQUENCY CONTROL: Utilizes synthesizer technology to generate a constant and stable frequency and phase during extended use.
  • DIGITAL DYNAMIC NOISE FILTER: Reduces or eliminates electronic and vibration signals in the environment creating a more reliable signal.
  • QUICK TEACH WITH GRAPHIC ASSIST: Allows the metal detector to be operational in less than 10 passes.
  • INTUITIVE OPERATION: A full-colour 5.4” display panel shows only the information needed to operate the detector. Easy-to-follow software and a simple teaching menu allows set up and use by non-technical personnel.
  • NO MAINTENANCE ELECTRONICS: Automatic balance and calibration of electronics ensures many years of reliable performance. After initial set up no further adjustment of electronics is needed. Single frequency is standard. Multi-frequency is an available option.


  • Conveyorized products including custom-tailored conveyors
  • Liquid and semi-liquid pumped products
  • Free falling powder and granular products
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Pumped meat products