At 1800 units per hour Agropal R3 means safety and precision from the infeed conveyor through to the stacked and wrapped pallet. This palletizer is specifically designed for product packages that are difficult to stack making this a popular choice for those packing produce.

Aurora’s Agropal R3 Palletizer will provide tangible return on your investment very quickly. Along with impressive output rates whilst maintaining high-quality stack patterns this unit features a compact footprint and simple intuitive controls.


  • European CE standard build quality and reliability
  • PLC controlled with HMI touchscreen electronics
  • Infeed elevating Belt Conveyor System
  • High level bag positioning
  • Layer pressing between levels- 5 side conditioning
  • Entry and exit pallet conveying
  • Performance rated to 1000 bags/hr
  • 5 – 25kg bag size compatible
  • Various stack patterns available
  • High level access and maintenance platforming
  • Meets AS/NZS safety standards
  • Remote Maintenance and Monitoring
  • Service scheduling and preventative maintenance
  • Full technical support and factory trained technicians


  • Pallet Dispensing - optioned automation of pallet feed and discharge increases production and reduces forklift movement
  • Pallet Wrapping - full wrapping options from factory fitted to inline rotary wrapping
  • Conveyers and accumulation - powered pallet systems and accumulation options to suit varying layouts and space availability
  • Guarding - complete hazardous area requirements for personnel safety
  • + More