• Simple 5 axis mechanical conventional style action providing very reliable maintenance free operation
  • Able to accommodate a wide range of pallet sizes (standard unit will accommodate pallets from 0.8m² to 1.6m²)
  • Bags are stacked within a support frame ensuring stack uniformity
  • These units can stack up to 2.3m high for export palletising.
  • Max palletising rate of 550 cycles per hour
  • Versatile machine that can be used for multiple bag sizes, materials and products
  • Allows a stack of pallets to be placed in the machine to increase efficiencies by reducing pallet handling operations
  • Able to be combined with Full automation options such as pallet dispensers, pallet conveyors, pallet wrappers etc
  • Very compact space saving design
  • Simple intuitive PLC control for ease of use
  • Service scheduling and preventative maintenance
  • Full technical support and factory trained technicians
  • Pallet Dispensing - optioned automation of pallet feed and discharge increases production and reduces forklift movement
  • Pallet Wrapping - full wrapping options from factory fitted to inline rotary wrapping
  • Top sheet applicators
  • Conveyers & accumulation - powered pallet systems and accumulation options to suit varying layouts and space availability
  • Guarding - complete hazardous area requirements for personnel safety
  • + More