• Stainless steel finish compatible with the hygienic requirements of the food, medical, and chemical industries
  • Speed from 5 to 75 feet per minute
  • High-efficiency band-sealing module seals a wide variety of bag types and sizes
  • Enhanced airflow design
  • Easy-to-use controls adjust the variable speed drive and the motorized sealing height pedestal mechanism allowing quick and easy product changeovers
  • Standard right-to-left operating configuration
  • PID temperature controller with full digital read-out
  • Cool-down mode ensures safe, automatic shutdown
  • Left-to-right configuration
  • Full NEMA-4 wash down electrics
  • Bag top cleaner
  • Bag top trimmer
  • Additional PID temperature controllers
  • Orbit ink coder
  • Pulsar embossing coder