FORCE10 Autoclean Magnet

  • HACCP Endorsed
  • Hygienic - no intrusion into the product line during the cleaning process
  • Units can be custom-sized to suit your specific process and product
  • The unit can be supplied with standalone automatic controls in a rated stainless steel enclosure or the unit can utilize in-house PLC pneumatic controls
  • Eliminate risk of metal fragment issues caused by magnets not being cleaned (no operator error)
  • Reduce OH&S issues caused from cleaning heavy magnets
  • Reduced risk of product recall and damage to brand integrity
  • Protection of critical and sensitive equipment
  • Removal of ferrous metal contaminants in addition to work hardened stainless steel and magnetic stone
  • Separates micro-contamination and longitudinally aligned items that metal detectors can miss
  • Ultra-high 11,000+ Gauss magnetic strength
  • High-quality rare earth Long Life magnetic components to ensure lasting high performance
  • In chutes feeding packers
  • In bulk intake areas
  • Pre and post sifting and size reduction equipment
  • Prior to critical equipment i.e. milling and rendering equipment
  • Prior to metal detectors (reduce detection stops, downtime, wasted product)