FORCE10 Circular & Square Custom Grate Magnets

  • Grates available in a drawer style arrangement complete with housing for ease of cleaning in single or multi-drawer configurations
  • Bars can be sleeved for abrasive products/ease of cleaning
  • Bar spaces variable to suit material characteristics
  • Reduced risk of product recalls and damage to brand integrity
  • Protection of critical and sensitive equipment
  • Separates micro-contamination and longitudinally aligned items that metal detectors can miss
  • Ultra-high 11,000+ Gauss magnetic strength
  • High-quality rare-earth Long Life magnetic components to ensure lasting high performance
  • Large variety of transitions and connections available to enable seamless integration into your process
  • Highly flexible design to accommodate your specific line size, flow rate and product characteristics
  • Across augers, elevators, floveyors, blenders, dump hoppers and chutes discharge points
  • Upstream of all packing operations and bulk filling
  • On top of buckets, containers, tanks, silo's
  • Prior to metal detectors to reduce rejection rate, downtime and loss of profit