• Outputs up to 1,000 bags/hour depending on palletizing formats and number of layers
  • Vertical bag elevator
  • Layer formation by means of a robotic gripper on Cartesian axes
  • Counterweighed elevation platform, driven by motor-gear with frequency inverter
  • Layer forming zone equipped of a double slide-gate with a low friction coating
  • Only electric and pneumatic actuators
  • Top flattening of each new layer against the sliding gates
  • Pallet centering
  • Carton sheet dispenser on empty and/or full pallet
  • Dispensing and stapling of a PE sheet (from a roll), on empty pallet
  • Automatic dispenser of an interlayer anti-sliding paper-sheet (from a roll)
  • Anti-corrosive versions to handle highly aggressive products
  • ATEX versions for installation in Classified Areas
  • Pallet Dispensing - optioned automation of pallet feed and discharge increases production and reduces forklift movement
  • Pallet Wrapping - full wrapping options from factory fitted to inline rotary wrapping
  • Top sheet applicators
  • Conveyers & accumulation - powered pallet systems and accumulation options to suit varying layouts and space availability
  • Guarding - complete hazardous area requirements for personnel safety
  • + More